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Church Metrics 

Here are the reports for Week # 7:

  • With the Weekly Attendance measurement, our goal is to have a higher weekly worship attendance in 2020 than we did in 2019.

  • With the Worship Visitor measurement, our goal is to have 3 Worship Visitor Connections each week and to have Worship Visitor Followups with at least 50% of those people. A Worship Visitor Connection happens when someone gives us their name and contact info for the first time or after not worshipping with us for six months. A Worship Visitor Followup happens when someone from our church as a meaningful conversation with that person in the week following the Sunday when they gave us their name and contact info.

  • With the Small Group Ratio measurement, our goal is to have a weekly small group attendance that is 50% or more of the weekly worship attendance.

  • With the Volunteer Ratio measurement, our goal is to have at least 1 Sunday morning volunteer for every 7 worship attenders so that we can ensure that our worship visitors have a positive experience which makes them more likely to return. Therefore, when the ratio is below 7, that is a good thing. 

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