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Christmas Eve Services

Dec 24, 10 am - Christmas Eve Morning Service

The message for this Sunday will be The Joy Set Before Us. This service will be available in-person or online. Message Summary: In times of suffering, sorrow, loss, or regret, it can seem like there is no possibility of joy in the future. But Jesus came into the world to change everything for us. Instead of despair, shame and death, we have life, forgiveness and salvation in Jesus. And the future looks bright for Jesus will come again one day to make us and all things right. Therefore, even in our deepest valleys of darkness, we have joy for God is with us. (Based on Rev. 7:9-17.)

Dec 24, 6 pm - Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 

We will gather together to hear the story of God's gift of a Saviour and sing Christmas songs of thanks and praise. Towards the end of the service, we will form a circle around the sanctuary, light our candles, dim the lights and sing Silent Night and Joy to the World by candlelight and the Christmas lights. Please note: candles are only to be held by those who are 12 years and older and this service will be in-person only.

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