Jesus was a Master Teacher and he often used stories to teach people about what life with God was really like. Separated from the time, location and culture of their original telling by a great distance, we sometimes miss some of what Jesus was teaching and how it applies to our lives today. During the summer of 2019, we will take a deeper look at the stories of Jesus to find the nuggets of truth that Jesus has for us in our lives today.

July 14        The Treasure

July 21        Guest Speaker (The Woman at the Well)

July 28       Upside-Down Power

Aug 4         Guest Speaker

Aug 11        The Unmixed Mixture

Aug 18       The Great Inviter

Aug 25      Love & Money

Sep 1         The Listening Father

Sep 8        First of two sermons in the  "Holy Sexuality" series

Sep 15       Generous Love

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