Human beings are hope dependant. We need hope and we need hope from outside ourselves. Jesus has been revealed as the God who loves and is for all people. Jesus is the Messiah who saves us and is always with us. With Jesus, we always have hope.

Jan 6   Matthew 2:1-12 The Deity in the Darkness (The Magi Worship Jesus) 


Jan 13 Luke 3:15-22 Bringing Cleansing for Our Stains (The Baptism of Jesus)


Jan 20 John 2:1-11 Bringing Joy Into Our Emptiness (Jesus’ First Miracle)


Jan 27 Luke 4:16-30 Bringing Freedom for the Captives (Jesus in the Synagogue at Nazareth) 

Our worship services are on Sundays at 10:30 am. Come and worship in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.  

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